Vérification de l'état de SQL Server

SQL Server Health Check 

In business today data is vital, whether that is being able to access it quickly and efficiently to provide a heightened user experience or simply that you need the data available at all times. Do you know how much downtime or data loss could your business permit? Even if you know your businesses RPO and RTO are your systems setup in such a way to adhere to these? Allow us to run one of our SQL Server Health Checks and we can tell you. Whether it is something you are unsure of or would like a second opinion on then we can certainly help.

Unlike many other SQL Server Health Checks offered by others, we have 3 different levels of checks which usually covers all our clients needs but if none of them fit your requirements entirely then please get in touch and we can tailor it for your specific needs.

We have saved some of our clients in excess of £1 million in hardware and licensing costs by running a health check and providing areas of improvement which they were hoping they could fix by "throwing more hardware at it". 

Our detailed analysis reports are usually no less than 25 pages of detailed information giving you not just a list of areas that we have identified as potential issues but we also provide detailed information as to why this is a problem and in some cases some high level ways on how this can be rectified by you and your in house team. Alternatively if you do not have the skills in house, the time or simply do not feel confident enough to implement the solutions provided then we can work with you to get you back on track. 

Tailored analysis of your system data with a detailed report with recommendations covering: 
  • SQL Server Configuration
  • Database Physical Configuration
  • Security
  • Backup and Recovery strategy
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Indexing strategy and usage
  • Consistency checking
  • Monitoring
  • I/O subsystem
  • Wait statistics



SQL Server Configuration
Database Physical Configuration
Security Review
Consistency Checking
Basic Report
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Everything from Basic plus
Backup and Recovery Strategy
Indexing Strategy and usage
I/O Subsystem
Comprehensive Report with basic Recommendations
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Everything from Standard plus
High Availability and Disaster Recovery
Wait Statistics analysis
Presentation of Results
Full Analysis Report with Recommendations
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